While harder to read than dogs, there are a variety of signs both simple and downright weird that can help you decipher how your companion thinks of you. Well, at least at that particular moment.

They Blink Slowly at you
Cats view direct eye contact as a threat. However, when they blink slowly at you, the break in eye contact is a way of showing trust and affection. It’s kind of your cats way of “kissing.” Try reciprocating – they might even blink back!

They Trip You
If your cat is always underfoot, lingering around you, it’s a sign of attachment. Take care on the stairs.

They Head Butt You
When they do this they’re actually depositing pheromones on you and marking you as “theirs.” If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

They Meow at You
Cats only meow to humans. This doesn’t necessarily mean they love you, but that they’re acknowledging your existence, and that’s a start.

They Lick You
You’ve been chosen. If your cat licks you, they consider you part of their family. Note that you are not the head of this family…

They Knead You
If they use their paws to knead parts of your body like dough, they’re re-enacting what kittens do to their mothers when they’re feeding. Love is in the air.

They Bring You Presents
And they’re usually dead. Which is good, as you probably don’t want mice or birds on the loose in your house.

They Purr Around You
Cats only purr when they feel safe and happy. So if your cat purrs around you, that’s a great sign, especially if they purr loudly.

They Nibble at You
If your cat takes little nibbles at you, they’re showing affection. They’re love bites. You’d know if they weren’t.


  • Sandra Dolan says:

    I learned of Fussie Cat from Chewy.com comments. I have three Himalayan cats (spayed/neutered) and they love Royal Canin but have yet to find a wet food that they like. My 6-year old female “Lovie” will only eat dry food; sometimes likes my yogurt. My 18-year old Seal-Point “Timothy” loves everything and my new baby 9-month flame-point “Wally” loves everything. The comments about Fussie were great and I see I can buy them through Chewy or at my local Vero Beach, FL store “Bark Avenue” … I’m going to go there and see if I can purchase a few cans to see which one they like … I think the chicken/egg and chicken/veg and sweet potato is a good start.

    Love your website and Blog … keep up the good work.

    Sandra Dolan

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