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At Fussie Cat, we know that where our food comes from is a very important concern of all of our customers. Many pet owners became concerned with food made overseas because of the recalls that occurred in 2007. In that unfortunate case, it was found that most of the pet foods that were sourced and produced in China had been contaminated with melamine, a toxic chemical that is used in plastics, insulation, and cleaning products.

To address the concerns, we want to assure all of our customers that we do not ever source any food, any ingredient, or anything else for your pets, from China.

As to where our food is made, our Market Fresh dry kibble is made right here in the United States. Our Premium and Super Premium canned food are made in highly regulated, top quality facilities in Thailand.

Thailand not China

So, why Thailand? Well, quite simply, Thailand has very strict standards for food production. In fact, food produced in Thailand, whether they be for humans or for our beloved pets, are subject to greater scrutiny than even here in the United States.

Thailand DLD
Thailand has a government agency called the Department of Livestock Development (DLD), which is similar to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, the DLD is even stricter than the USDA. Food production and export are a very important part of Thailand’s economy. Therefore, it’s in the country’s best interest to maintain the highest standards to continue their stellar global reputation.

In addition, Thailand is located on the Gulf of Thailand and is near the Pacific Ocean. It has ready access to abundant sources of fish and seafood. That region of the world also has low levels of pollutants in the air and mercury in the water.

pexels-photo-858241 2000x2000
Thailand is often referred to as the “Kitchen of the World.” Food exports account for almost a third of Thailand’s GDP. Many of the biggest companies in the world partner with Thai companies to utilize their highly advanced processing methods. Thailand also leads the world in research and technology in food production practices.

Fussie Cat brand cat food is made with the highest quality ingredients and a standard of care that is second to none. All of our food is made in FDA registered kitchens, with the same quality control standards as kitchens that make food for human consumption. It took many years of hard work and impeccable standards to earn this reputation and trust. That is a sentiment we at Fussie Cat – and Pets Global – share.

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  • Bonnie Gorgievski says:

    I have a fussy cat but now she’s not fussy because I found Fussie cat, Cat food. My cat will only eat Tuna and Salmon flavor! She loves it th. How long has this food been around. Would love large cans . And just a thought very hard to open cans. And even harder with arthritic pain. Maybe they can try to eventually change that. But love everything else th again!!!😺😺😺😺😺

  • Melissa Larson says:

    My cat was put on prescription food a week ago for 3 days. Would not touch his regular food after his prescription food ran out. I never heard of Fussy Cat and received an email coupon for a free 2# bag. Long story short, he’s been emptying his bowl every day since switching! I can’t believe it! Thanks Fussy Cat!

  • Tara says:

    My sister in law is a nurse and she works at a pet food manufacturing company that export pet food from Thailand. (She said they have nurses there in case of any emergency with people working with all the machines.). She told me that they are extremely clean and the quality of everything is very high because they need to make sure to keep their clients overseas happy. They have people coming to check the quality everything all the time. She also said they have a cat room where the cats would sample food and those cTa are treated like kings and queens with vets checking all the time.

    I don’t know if they make Fussie cats food or not, but I buy Fussie cats food for my cats and knowing about Thai pet food factories from my sister give me a peace of mind. I just wanted to share my story :).

  • Jen B says:

    My cat adores the Chicken with Vegetables! It’s very fresh and looks like people food. This brand is one of very very few which is in the boneless/ deboned category I was searching for. The food is great quality but pricey for small size cans however. Regarding cans … very hard to open, not user friendly though top knotch packaging. Hopefully the cans can be made a bit easier to pull back, really tough sometimes but sturdy can.

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